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For over four decades since our establishment, the MOFAZ Group has always operated by a single-minded philosophy – Dedication Towards Excellence. 

This philosophy is a reflection of Haji Mohamed Fauzy bin Abdul Hamid’s vision, as Founder and President of the Group, of building a business environment operated with the passion, efficiency and integrity of a professional motorsport team; and most importantly, one that acquires the greatest joy and satisfaction from accomplishments, successes and doing things right the first time. 

Over the years, this commitment to excellence has permeated throughout the Group and now dictates every aspect of our business. From our workplace culture, our operational processes, right down to the way we service customers; we are constantly striving to achieve the highest level and the best results, be it in efficiency, speed or client satisfaction. 

In addition, our journey towards excellence is reflected by our determination to grow our businesses with ardour, energy and commitment; a result that has seen MOFAZ diversified into the multi-faceted Group it is today. 

In every respect, Dedication Towards Excellence is central to the way MOFAZ operates. It is the philosophy that has powered us to the top of the industries in which we have presence, and will be our source of inspiration and aspiration for the future to come.