Kuala Lumpur,12 March 2020 – MOFAZ, having recently commemorated its 43rd year anniversary on 20th February 2020, parallel with the announcement for business concentration surrounding five core business pillars including Construction, Automotive, Trading, Property Development and Services & Hospitality, has initiated its trading pillar with the distribution of food products namely, dates and date-based products through MOFAZ SARL BARDJAMANA, Algeria (MOFAZ BARDJAMANA). As a continuous effort to strengthen a global trade presence for HALAL food, this much sought-after commodity is deemed highly export potential not only due to the increase in demand during the coming festive holy month of Ramadhan but now consumable all year round as a result of extensive consumer awareness of its rich nutritional value.

MOFAZ BARDJAMANA’s additional 750 acres of date fruit plantation in Algeria planted with a new strain of dates named NOUR MOFAZ ensures abundance in supply of this dried fruit. MOFAZ BARDJAMANA plans potential embark on exports to Russia and its CIS Countries, Turkey and ASEAN. Date farming in this Mediterranean country is serious business, with 18 million palm trees producing 500,000 tons per year. In fact, Algeria is the 7th largest producers of dates in the world, with the DEGLET NOUR dates being the country’s top date exports. The company envisions for Kuala Lumpur to become the hub for date distribution to the ASEAN region. By securing proper sources for this agricultural produce, MOFAZ is well on its way into venturing into food security.

MOFAZ BARDJAMANA is concurrently venturing in high value organic vegetables in which a trial export has been completed to France through Nour Malaysia, Paris, a Bumiputra owned and run company. Other products of the company also include habbatus sauda and date honey.

Today marks a turning point where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing took place between MOFAZ and several key wholesale partners. GISB Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (GISB), Abo Haeba Integrated Sdn. Bhd. (Abo Heaba) and Indahraya International Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (Indahraya), with an estimated total value of RM50 million in efforts to establish cooperation and to further optimize the distribution and export of dates.

Abo Heaba was incorporated by Madam Kamar Rajab Ali Abu Alkhaer of Jordanian decent who is now the director of the company. For the past 2 years, Abo Heaba has successfully run ZamZam Mart, one of Kuala Lumpur’s renowned stores that carry and distributes dried fruits and nuts as well as variety of products sourced from the Middle East. GISB has been in business for 20 years. Lead by CEO, Dato’ Lokman Hakim Pfordten, GISB has a global HALAL business network and supplies these dates to its marts and restaurants in 16 countries worldwide. Indahraya also holds existing market share in both local and international distribution of various Sunnah foods. Founded by director and CEO, Hj. Roslin Abd. Rahman, this company has over 5 years of business experience in the HALAL industry under its belt.

To further leverage export trade for dates, MOFAZ invites more potential local and overseas business partners to take advantage of this opportunity before the coming peak season. MOFAZ urges interested parties to approach and sample MOFAZ BARDJAMANA’s NOUR MOFAZ which are now available for testing. MOFAZ guarantees its products are fresh from farm in Algeria and assures to deliver the best price, quality and delivery to all customers.