20th February 2020, Kuala Lumpur: Today marks ‘A New Beginning’ for MOFAZ with its 43 years of being in business. MOFAZ had started its humble beginnings as a Nestle distributor and has now thrived and flourished with multiple business ventures under its wing. ‘Move along with MOFAZ’ was the first company philosophy since its inception in 1977 having many of its business partners and vendors who grew with MOFAZ under the firm belief of self-discipline, efficiency, hard work and respect for others. After having demonstrated a distinguished presence in the industry, the next focus in the second decade was ‘Dedication Towards Excellence’, where attention was given to produce product and service excellence.

As MOFAZ became specialists in the areas they were in, the group began to practice the ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ policy. The primary motivation for enacting a zero tolerance policy is to ensure 100% quality excellence in everything we do. MOFAZ involvements in the motorsports industry had helped for a better understanding of the policy. It’s about pushing hard, precision, discipline, strategy and teamwork in order to keep focused and perform to at the very best.

MOFAZ has been a staunch believer in the Vision 2020 since its introduction by the Malaysian government to reach self-sufficiency in 1991. As MOFAZ celebrates its 43 years of success in the industry, we also rejoice in how MOFAZ has honoured this vision and reached its destiny with the Vision 2020.  Having achieved this aspiration, MOFAZ is now embarking on a new journey towards ‘A New Beginning’ of shared prosperity. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Mahathir Mohammad who first coined the Vision 2020, said in his congratulatory speech, “Not many companies have managed to withstand the test of time. However MOFAZ has managed to develop from a small business into a successful one specializing in diverse areas. I believe that Bumiputra entrepreneurs are capable to succeed in business but must persevere and work hard like MOFAZ.”

Since its inception, MOFAZ has ventured into many business activities but for the coming future, MOFAZ has decided to concentrate on 5 key areas of business. “Haji Mohamed Fauzy has been inspired by YAB Tun Mahathir’s Vision 2020, the belief that Malaysia can be a developed nation which has provided him with a lot of determination to succeed in life as an entrepreneur. He received his big break in 1991 when the first LIMA was organised in Langkawi where at least two business ventures started. He was one of the pioneers of Airasia which serviced to connect East and West Malaysia. He also is the pioneer of flying academies in this country.”, said Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed about MOFAZ President. MOFAZ now has decided on a ‘New Beginning’ which entails total company reorganisation into 5 key business pillars which include Construction, Automotive, Trading, Property Development as well as Services and Hospitality, of which will be the core business areas that MOFAZ will bring forward and continue to develop in this next decade.

In this phase of ‘A New Beginning’ with MOFAZ fourth decade in business and new business philosophy of Wasillul Arham, which also means networking, MOFAZ believes in upholding the ties of kinship because of the great effect that this has on achieving social cohesion and building the network of caring and sharing while perpetuating cooperation and love beyond family and relatives. With diverse expertise in both local and international business, MOFAZ has currently established linkages to the HALAL markets in not only ASEAN but also Russia and CIS countries through its prominent role International Association of Islamic Business(IAIB), Asean Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and Arab Malaysia Chamber of Commerce(AMCC).

“I am very intrigued with MOFAZ success. Many have benefited from MOFAZ’s success including business partners and also been inspired and touched by MOFAZ’s journey”, said Yang Berhormat Mulia Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.The time has arrived for MOFAZ, a Malay family entrepereneur company to embark on shared prosperity where we welcome young budding potential entrepreneurs to approach us and jointly embark on a sustainable business journey. MOFAZ has always opened its doors for Bumiputra entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and wisdom about the world of entrepreneurship.

Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Redzuan Yusof, Minister of Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperative says,” I propose for MOFAZ to play an important role as a Bumiputra industry partner and catalyst to induce and help Bumiputra entrepreneurs to go further”.